Lighthouse School Criteria

A Leader in Me School can strive to become a Lighthouse school if they meet these Criteria to be a Lighthouse School.  These criteria should be carefully examined.  I’ve included them in summary below.  Note that these criteria are not about how successful the program is at reducing behavioral problems at the school, or improving student performance.  They focus instead on how deeply the Leader In Me program is embedded into the school and shared with its families, and the community.  The requirement to share the program with other schools feels like a pyramid scheme.

Take a look at the published criteria, and think about whether a school that achieves Lighthouse status is focused on making kids successful, or on making FranklinCovey successful.

  1. Create a Lighthouse Team whose job is to ensure the program is embedded deeply into all aspects of the school, including teaching it to new staff and teachers
  2. Make sure the Leader In Me program is visible on bulletin boards in classrooms, and in hallways, even in the songs the kids sing.
  3. Make sure the Leader In Me language is used on a daily basis.
  4. Make sure all teachers and staff members (new staff members are explicitly mentioned) are implementing the Leader In Me program.
  5. Assign students the title of “leader”, have them plan events that support the leadership theme.
  6. Teach Parents about using The Leader In Me program at home
  7. Have an event to sell The Leader In Me program to other schools in the community.
  8. The school must show that it is tracking its progress, but this criterion does not require the school to show improvement, only to  show that they’re tracking.
  9. This is the only criterion that asks the school to show improvement.  But even here the wording is very soft:

“Choose indicators to measure, collect baseline data, and track
regularly to determine where and to what degree the leadership
model is bringing improvements (e.g., discipline referrals,
academic achievement, attendance and/or tardies, staff and/or
parent satisfaction).”

I’ve found many schools on the web that are bragging that they achieved “Lighthouse School” status (in this article they call it a prestigious designation). But based on the criteria above, what that really means is that they fully bought into the program.  They’re being rewarded by The Covey Institute for helping sell The Leader In Me program.  And The Covey Institute is getting more press for it.

Marketing Genius.


2 thoughts on “Lighthouse School Criteria

  1. I realize this blog is almost a year old, but I felt the need to respond. I teach at a school that was just named a Lighthouse School yesterday. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. Not because we have simply “bought into” a program, but because of the changes we have seen in our students since we began teaching them about the 7 Habits and about leadership. Our students have grown into young people who have the confidence to stand at the front of a room and command the attention of a roomful of adults. They write and deliver speeches with an eloquence most adults speaking in front of others do not possess. They are not afraid to share ideas with others or to step up and be a leader at any given moment. None of this was happening before we started teaching them about the 7 Habits or leadership. Sure, we could have done all of this on our own, without going through Franklin Covey, but we are so glad we did not. They opened our eyes to things our students could do that we never would have imagined. They cheered us on. They supported our students and our staff. They provided trainings over the years that not only helped us in our professional/school life, but also in her personal/home life. They taught us how to balance our life, something every teacher needs to learn, because we tend to give so much of ourselves to our professional life and not enough to our personal life. They motivated and encouraged us to make ourselves better in every aspect so we could be a better family member, a better co-worker, a better teacher, a better friend. It has been a fabulous experience for the students, the staff, and the families in our community. When you step on our campus, you know you are somewhere special. We attribute that to the atmosphere created by the 7 Habits and our overall desire to help our students grow, not only academically, but socially and emotionally. We want our students to leave as well-rounded as they can possibly be. Franklin Covey added to our skill base to help us do that. And for that, we are grateful.

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