I’m a parent of two public elementary school kids.  I created this blog in the hopes that others who have concerns about this program will learn something about it, and will have a place to connect.


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  1. Thank you for posting this blog. I found the information and your perceptions about the Leader in Me to be interesting. You have brought up points and concerns I too share!

    • Hi,
      My name is Daniel and I have some things that I would like share with you about how the leader in me -programme is about to enter many of the public schools in Scandinavia. But before I do that I need to get in contact with the person behind this blog… Would that be possible? my e-mail-adress is danielulrich79@gmail.com
      Thank you!

  2. I serve on our School Board and recently our Superintendent implemented this program…. Way before I saw it nothing more than a huge marketing scheme. I have been working over the past several months collecting as much information about the truth behind the leader in me. I was hoping that maybe you would have a minute to talk so I may ask a few more questions that hopefully you can help me out with. Thank Kyle Quick

  3. Hello,
    I too am a parent of an elementary student and I also work for the school district that has implemented this program. I would like to know some things about the Leader in Me program that I can not find anywhere on the web! If anyone can help me or navigate me in the correct direction I would really appreciate it.
    I would like to know how many public schools in the country right now are using this program. I have not seen any research on this program with the exception of conducting their own research. From what I understand is that the best public schools in the country right now use the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) model for behavior and expected expectations. This model has nothing to do with religion nor does it cost money and it is a proven researched model that we know works.
    I am just curious about this whole, “leader in Me” vs. PBIS and am very interested in finding out more about the statistics that do not come from the Leader in Me website!

    Thank you

    • Hi Nicole,

      According to The Leader in Me Website, there are (as of this posting), 58 Lighthouse schools, and 1467 schools implementing The Leader in Me.

      I too searched long and hard to find concrete studies that showed that The Leader in Me really works. I asked my principal for evidence that the program does what it says it will, and I told her that without 3rd party validation of the program, she was treating the kids in our school like guinea pigs, which I found very worrisome. She gave me a printed copy of this document from the Leader in Me website: http://www.theleaderinme.org/uploads/Documents/results/Promising_Results_TLIM_V5.12.pdf. At the time she gave it to me, it did not contain this caveat (these two sentences were added sometime in the Spring of 2013, and show that even Franklin Covey recognizes that this cannot count as an “empirical assessment”):

      “Isolating the impact or causality of a program on student achievement is difficult given the many factors in play.
      Nevertheless, efforts are underway to make empirical assessments of The Leader in Me and its impact on student
      achievement. While those efforts are in the early stages, the following sampling of what a number of Leader in Me
      schools are reporting are encouraging: ”

      Note that everything that follows (even the graphs and “data”) is all anecdotal and self-reported by schools. No actual research was done to produce this document. Also, this document was written by someone who works at Franklin Covey. I wrote a blog post showing how this document is simply anecdotal. You can read it here:


      My blog post also talks about the only 3rd party research conducted on The Leader In Me that I was able to find after lots and lots of web searches. The research was done by Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins researched how the program was implemented, not whether or not it worked. The top of the study also admits it was qualitative, not quantitative, and only done in 2 schools.

      “The major purpose of the evaluation study was to assess implementation progress and activities with regard to the experiences and reactions of teachers, students, school administrators, and other key stakeholders (e.g., community leaders and business partners). A replicated qualitative case study design was employed in two schools”

      I never found any study that showed The Leader in Me improves test scores or reduces behavioral issues. My principal did not have that data either.

      As for PBIS, I am not familiar with that, but would love to hear from others who find this blog and can tell us more about it!

  4. Thank you so much for your blog, This was implemented this year in my son’s school. At first it didn’t seem anything more than some motivational posters, now he is reciting the catch phrases, and even had a quiz THAT WAS GRADED with the catch phrases in it! I am mortified. I will be speaking with our principal and above if needed.

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