How Much It Costs

At our school, the price tag for 3 years of the “full” program was $70,000.  I’ve seen other schools on the Internet report numbers between $45,000 and $70,000. For this money, schools get a copy of “7 Habits of Happy Kids” for every classroom, student workbooks (by grade level) for every student in the school, teacher workbooks (by grade level) for every teacher in the school, multi-day training for the teachers, posters for the classrooms and hallways, and speakers.

Our school got a grant from Panda Express to cover about half of the expense, but the rest of the money had to be raised through parent donations, community donations, or other sources.

We live in a well-off neighborhood, and have a very active parent community and PTA. Even so, cuts in state funding mean that our school doesn’t have an art teacher, and therefore no art program except for what the PTA provides.  Our school nurse is shared between 7 schools, so parent volunteers show up during recess to help handle cuts and bruises. Math and Reading software used daily in the classrooms is paid for by parent donations to the PTA.

In other words, the basics of education aren’t even provided to our kids.

That makes $70,000 a pretty hefty price tag for a public school to pay to a private corporation that promises to make our schools and kids better.  What’s most impressive, is that schools pay that huge sum, even though there are no independent studies showing that the program really works.

At our school, there was real concern about what existing programs would get dropped, or not get enough funding, as money was funneled to The Leader in Me.


One thought on “How Much It Costs

  1. This one makes me so mad. My son is dyslexic and it up to me to fight for help and take him to a private dyslexia tutor to teach him to read and write despite his IQ being 120. So while those funds go to the brain washing leader in me could have gone to a special ed teacher , reading specialist and general education teacher to better help the 1 in 5 that battle this difference daily in every single classroom across America . Never mind “Johnnie can’t read” and will eventually have behaviors showing signs how angry,depressed ect will become . How do I find out how much my school has pissed away? Not happy at all

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